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photographic & fine art printing

From the Treehouse is a full service print studio. We're proud to support artists working in the Northwest and beyond with individualized and detail-oriented service.


We don’t just load up your digital image and press "print". Each image is checked closely for colour, tonal balance, and image details.
We take the time to work with you and make sure the final product is something we’ll both be proud of.
Our professional-grade Epson Stylus Pro 4900 printer uses 11 colours of archival ink to print high quality prints up to 17″ wide, and pretty much as long as you like.


Originally, "giclée" referred to a particular printing technology using a high-resolution industrial printer. Nowadays, the term refers more generally to inkjet-based printing technology, but especially for high quality, fine art prints: use of multiple archival inks that boast rich colours and resist fading; extremely high printing resolution to provide tremendous detail; and use of beautiful archival-quality papers to print on.
We print on ink-jet photo paper, archival fine art paper, and canvas from a variety of paper companies including Moab, Epson, Hahnemühle, and Ilford. If you are interested in printing on a certain medium (such as metallic papers), ask us and we'll see what we can do.
See our print mediums description to learn more.
You bet! We recognize that for the Arts in the Northwest to continue thriving, your creative practice is both a passion and a business. You have to make a profit from your creative products, too! That's why From the Treehouse offers a 30% discount on all printing jobs intended for re-sale over $100 for artists in the Northwest.

Print Mediums & Prices

180-220 grams / square inch. Matte, pearl or glossy finish.

Similar to conventional photographic emulsion paper ("C-prints"), this paper is smooth and can have either a matte, pearl, or glossy finish. Paper weight is 180 - 220 grams/square inch. We can also print on specialty metallic papers. All our photo papers are archival and resist fading.

12 cents / sq. inch
200 - 300 grams / square inch. Smooth to slightly textured surface.

Fine Art paper is fibre-based. It has a texture that varies depending on the paper. It is heavy and particularly good for graphic work, black and white photos, or more minimalist images.

15 cents / sq inch
up to 395 grams / square inch, lustre or glossy finish

Canvas provides a heavy, texture-rich surface for your images. Many people are struck by the "painterly" quality of photographs on canvas. We treat all our canvas with a protective coating that also adds a luminous sheen to the piece, which can be further enhanced by more glossy top-coat.

19 cents / sq inch

See our custom framing section below for more on canvas stretching and framing.


custom framing

You can have your print framed with us, too. Frames are hand-made and unique, with a wood and/or stain chosen to go well with the image it is designed for. Canvases, photo prints, fine art paper, or even fabric art works: we'll craft something to showcase your image.


To get started, e-mail or call us to tell us what you'd like to have framed. We'll discuss options for framing and follow up right away with a quote. Once you give us the go-ahead, expect 3-5 days turnaround.
Wood. From tight-grained softwood like yellow cedar to expressive hardwoods like curly maple, mahogony or dark walnut, each frame is distinct. We can also do inlays to further enhance the frame.

Yes. For some projects with unusual dimensions or requirement it might take a little while to source the materials, but we'll take care of all that when we quote you a price.

Depending on the size of the job, your frame will take between a few days to two weeks. This includes time for any stains or varnish to set.

framing options

minimum canvas size: 12" x 12"

Frames for canvas are built to allow a narrow recess between the edge of the canvas and the frame edge so that the canvas edge recedes into the back of the frame.

Prices start at $100

minimum image size: 12"x14"

Photo prints are framed with a border of either white or dark charcoal matte and protected by 2mm glass. Ask us about specialty matting.

Prices start at $100

minimum image size: 12"x14"

Fine art paper prints can be framed either with a mat border or mounted directly onto a rigid backing and protected with varnish.

Prices start at $150

minimum image size: 8"x8"

You can also have your prints mounted on a wooden panel or composite material using archival-grade adhesive. A simple and strong way to present images.

Inquire about pricing

digital & film imaging

We don't just like photos. We love all things about photography, from old film slides to the latest trend in creative digital imaging.

We offer services to document, restore, and present your work.


To get started, contact us to tell us what job you have in mind. We'll follow up right away with an estimate that gives you a range, depending on the job. After that, we get together to have a look at the media you want us to photograph, scan, or make prints of, and finalize a quote before going ahead. Once you give us the go-ahead, expect 3-5 days turnaround.

You bet! We recognize that for the Arts in the Northwest to continue thriving, your creative practice is both a passion and a business. You have to make a profit from your creative products, too! That's why From the Treehouse offers a 30% discount on all reproduction jobs over $100 for artists in the Northwest.

digital imaging services

Minimum order: $25
With our high-end flatbed scanner, we can take on any job – 35mm, medium format, even large format film can be scanned at stunning high resolution. We’ll check each image for dust and scratches and manually make any adjustments before printing.
Minimum order: $50
You have a shoebox of old family photos? Old film rolls that have seen better days? Archival images that need a serious touch-up? No problem, we love doing this stuff. Even colorizing black and white images to breathe new life into them. We’ve got an eye for the work and the equipment to do the job.

Minimum charge: $100
Well-designed products engage the viewer and bring them into your story. We love to come up with smart, creative designs for projects large and small: from posters to product catalogues to photo albums to cookbooks and more. Don't hesitate to get in touch and ask us what it would take to bring your idea to life in print.
Minimum charge: $50
We can scan and/or photograph paintings, drawings, or any 2-dimensional art medium with terrific colour accuracy. Size is not a limit – we can work with any size original work to produce a digital file, fine art print, or both.

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